One of the Foremost Precision Casting & Metal
Component Manufacturers in the Pacific Rim.

SUPREME has manufactured more than 3,000 different precision components over the last 30 years.

Supreme offers world class investment cast (also known as lost wax) products at competitive prices from our modern investment casting factory in Auckland, New Zealand, while meeting rigorous quality standards.

We work closely with our customers to ensure castings meet customer requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy, metallurgy, finish and machinability.

We can supply products exactly to customer specification which includes ‘as cast’, heat treated, partially or fully machined and a number of surface finishes including sand and bead blasting. We are also able to assemble components and sub-assemblies if required.

Our team of metallurgists can assist in selecting the appropriate alloy for the task and our design engineers with solid modelling, finite element analysis and design verification.

We offer exacting quality control standards including metallographic, mechanical and non-destructive testing. All our products are subject to certification, verification and traceability.


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Metal Casting Battle Tank
Metal Casting
Defence Casting


We understand that sending us your design concepts requires a binding assurance that your Intellectual Property is protected. We are more than happy to sign off Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect your designs


Established in 1984.
Co-created over 3,000 designs.
ISO 9001:2008 accredited.
ITAR trained and compliant.
Recognized Defence Industry Supplier.
Member of the Investment Casting Institute, USA.

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