One of the Foremost Precision Casting & Metal
Component Manufacturers in the Pacific Rim.

About Us

Why choose Supreme

Strategic Partnering

    • We value the long term relationship and recognise that we are working together to compete against other supply chains
    • We offer “ready to install ”  components and assemblies to your production line.
    • We focus on delivery performance with short lead times


    • We solve technically challenging metal forming problems
    • We offer full inspection, testing, and traceability of components
    • We partner with customers to convert design vision into manufactured reality
    • Agile Design and Manufacturing Team
    • Fast Conversion from Concept to Reality.


    • We are very serious about Confidentiality and Protection of Customers IP
    • We do what we commit to do. 
    • Our Part of your Project is in safe hands

Our People

Supreme achieves great results through its people and their relationships. Without great people there is little you can achieve, with great people there is little you cannot achieve. We endeavour to hire the best and then continue to train and develop them. If you are interested in working for Supreme please send through an application and your CV.

Our workforce includes specialists in:
    • Metallurgy
    • Materials Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Design
    • Tool Making
    • Machining
    • Metal Casting
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